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  • Can I order a rendering if I do not have a specific design in mind?
    We do not specialize in 3D design, hence we do not often execute it. Nevertheless, We can create a visualization using your references or links to specific items. We’ll create a presentation with a few alternatives of furniture that satisfy the requirements and your vision of a 3D model of interior design. It is all up to you. Those can be further changed during the several rounds of revision that are foreseen in each quote.
  • Why do you need interior visualization?
    3D interior design services are very convenient because of many benefits. You can use it to present ideas impressively and effectively to your clients. 3D sketch interior design is easy to share by sending an email, instead of meeting in person. Of course, the result is presented exactly “as is”. Also, it is easier and cheaper to order a 3D visualization than to partially build it. So, this is a way to save your money. Especially if the client wants to make changes, which is 90% of the time. With CGI, you won’t have to waste money on rebuilding and reshaping. Finally, plan 3D interior design makes approving the project faster and easier.
  • How long does it take to do 3D rendering interior design?
    The project duration depends on several factors, such as the quantity and quality information about details, the complexity of modelling, various types of lighting, elaboration, and the number of desired angles of the finished images, and, finally, urgency.
  • How do you do interior plan rendering?
    We commence the project by getting some essential information about it. For instance, we need floor plans with furniture layouts, elevations, power layouts; color and material as well as furniture, and decorative elements selections; specified lighting. Further, we prepare an initial 3D interior animation for your approval. If required, we offer several rounds for necessary changes to gain a high-quality 3D visual interior design.
  • How to do realistic product rendering?
    The unconditional factor in the cost of a product design rendering is its uniqueness. Also, the price depends on the complexity, quality of the input information, the number of various materials, parts, and finishes.
  • What is the best software for the 3D rendering of products?
    To make images memorable and realistic, we use such software, as 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer for 3Ds Max, Vray , Fusion 360, and Adobe Software.
  • How long does the render product process take?
    The time frame for creating a realistic 3D model of the required object may vary depending on the size and complexity. Processing of simple products, such as furniture, doors, windows, can take only a few days, after which we make the necessary adjustments at the request of the client.
  • What types of product rendering are there?
    The first type is whitespace rendering. Within this approach, the object demonstrates a simple white background, such as a 3D rendering packaging. In contextual rendering, the product is instead placed in an environment that reflects its use. For example, a lamp render may be done in a living room setting to show how it will look in the interior.
  • How do you do exterior renderings?
    We start by getting the most crucial information about your project, such as the site plan, roof plan, floor plans, elevations needed, color and material selection sheet, and landscape plan. After that, we develop a preliminary 3D, which is then rendered for your review. If required, we make all the necessary changes and apply the selected materials for high-quality exterior renders. And here comes the final high-quality rendering.
  • How much does exterior rendering cost?
    The price of exclusive 3D exterior design services is calculated individually, based on the complexity of the object, texture distribution nature, and the timing of work. Fill out the form and get the quote for your project.
  • Why do you need 3D visualization of the exterior?
    3D exterior visualization service makes it possible to make the following decisions during construction without losing both time and money: harmoniously fit the new structure into the existing space; choose the right windows, doors, roof material, and much more; clarify all the details of the architectural form; decide on the design of the elevations.
  • How long does an exterior rendering process take?
    Each project is unique, so its development and completion consider many factors and can vary due to the complexity, the number of required visualizations, and the corresponding edits.
  • Can I order a rendering if I do not have a specific design in mind?
    As we are not a design company, we usually do not do design service. We can create an outstanding exterior 3d model using your reference photos or links to specific items. We’ll create a presentation with a few options of furniture that satisfy the requirements for you to choose from. Those can be further changed during the 2 rounds of revision that are included with every quote.
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