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Your Dream & Our Creativity Makes Perfect Vision


About Magnus 3D Studio

Magnus 3d Studio is the core of Bengaluru company leader in 3D visualization of architecture and interior design. We have over 3+ years of professional experience in architecture, interior design as well as realtors with high quality 3D views and 3D rendering.

We walk with the drive to create a perfect vision by combining your dreams and our creativity. We accompany our clients with our real 3D results before investing for their dreams.

We always strive to deliver fast and reliable results at affordable prices to our customers. We trust that our professional experience and your confidence in our rendering service will help us build your future empire.

Our Services

3d FLoor Plan.png

3D Floor Plan

Floor planning and layout is an important aspect of architectural design With advancements in technology

VR & 360 Panorama.png

VR & 360 Panorama

With the optimal use of disruptive digital technologies, we have gained an expertise in developing integrative experiences as per the requirement of the client

3D Product Rendering.png

3D Product Rendering

Magnus 3D Studio offers 3D product rendering services upto international qualities

3D Architectural Rendering.png

3D Architectural Rendering

Magnus 3D Studio is a 3D Architectural Rendering Company, which provides cutting-edge Photorealistic and other related digital 3D render solutions

Photoshop Rendering.png

Photoshop Rendering

Magnus 3D Studio is providing 2D Photoshop Rendering floor plans of homes, apartment complexes, condos, villas and town homes

3D walkthrough Animation.png

3D walkthrough Animation

Architectural 3D Animations is basically an animated view of the entire house or building that showcases each and every part of the project virtually in the form of video

Our Work

How We Work


Intelligence Gathering

The very first step is to become more knowledgeable about client requirements and plans. To do this, we collect detailed information on our customer's project. The client must send his drawings of plans, the plans of site in pdf format, the details of the furniture, the details of the materials, the pictures of the site, if any, the images of reference, if any, to understand well. Our business team will analyse the details provided by the client and understand the client's need. Based on the information gathered from the customer, we will provide you with our estimate for the 3d design work within 10 days following the end of the information collection.


Approval of the Estimates

Once the first stage is finished, we provide you with our detailed quote with an affordable price. We suggest that our client study the rating theoretically and find out how comfortable they are with our rating. The client may amend his plan until the quote proposal is signed. Subsequent changes to the plan will not be factored into the signed offer. Supplementary requirements for plans other than the signed quote will be invoiced separately. After the signature of the estimate, the customer must pay 50% of the amount of the estimate to begin work.


Organization of work

Our professional team will begin working on the project upon receipt of a 50% payment from the client. Once the job starts on our side, we will send you sample process photos with corporate watermark on it to allow the customer to request changes according to his plans. For test rendered images, the client must pay a further 25% of the signed estimate amount. Upon receipt of the payment, our team will send the test rendered pictures with our corporate watermark.


Final Settlement

After finishing the test rendering images by customer, we will start working on the final rendering images. The customer cannot ask for changes after completing the final rendering of the images. Any changes after submitting final rendered image charges will take place in accordance with the changes. We will provide you with the final rendered images once the complete payment is received from the client.

IMAGES – Photoreal 3D Renders

At the very core of our work is our still imagery. We provide a true-to-life vision of proposed construction and serve as a valuable tool to help our clients communicate complex design ideas. Our style consists of very high technical level, placing strong emphasis on photorealistic way of portrayal. This ensures that projects can be easily understood and experienced. There is nothing impossible for the virtual representation of any kind of project, at any scale.

IMAGES – Photomontage

Photomontage helps us to visualize how the final architecture would look in its real environment.
Its a process where the 3D Architecture is merged with real life drone photograph to give a seamless and realistic look.

VR – 360° Interactive Walkthrough & Tour

Discover areas you may have never seen before in Visuals or Films. Virtual Reality or Interactive 360° puts you in control. Our VR technology enables the viewer to navigate through a virtual tour of the property. This technology focuses on providing the strongest possible presentation of the final space. This unique system gives our clients the opportunity to promote their properties in a new and more effective way.

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